Painting of the Mayford Arms pub on Westfield Road, Mayford, Woking

Welcome to the Mayford Arms

The Mayford Arms is located by the River Hoe in Mayford Village, in what is now South Woking.  In fact Mayford, according to some, owes it’s name to the Mayweeds that grew in abundance around the marshlands by the ford.

The pub is said to mark the location where the ford crossed the Hoe and perhaps travellers of ye olde dayes stopped here-abouts for a refreshment after the exertion of crossing the river?  We like to think so.

Today, the ford is long gone replaced by a solid bridge but you can still find Mayflowers in the Mayford Meadows Nature Reserve and along the Hoe Valley linear park, both pleasant places to enjoy a outdoors walk, just on our doorstep.

Our Philosophy

photo of typical sunday roast at mayford arms pub in south wokingRemember the bad old days cask marque certificate for mayford arms pub in south wokingwhen women were told to stay at home and children were told to be seen and not heard? Thank goodness times have changed. This is a family pub and everyone (apart from the anti-social) are welcome.

We don’t provide over priced and undersized posh nosh. We like good honest wholesome home style cooked pub food that is affordable and great value for a family.

We also think that a pub can be the heart of the local community and we will continue to support local community groups and provide them with space on our website to promote themselves.

Mayford Arms pub, gold winner woking best bar but none certificate

Supporting the local Community

The Mayford Arms is proud to support the local community.  If you have a story or event that you would like to promote then please let us know and we will put it on the website to publicise it. We are also happy to host your community event.